GCSE Dance

The AQA Dance GCSE course seeks to promote knowledge, skill and understanding of dance through composition, performance and appreciation of each candidate's own work and that of others. Each student will experience a range of dance styles, while being allowed to develop her own technical and expressive skills. Following the dance GCSE course will provide students with a rich source of ideas for creating dances and explore the relationship between content and form in the expression of a dance idea.

As well as developing their established technique and extending it to encompass numerous dance genres, the students will learn how to work as a team through the variety of choreographic tasks they undertake and gain an excellent understanding of performance through the appreciation of their own and professional works.

If you enjoy dance, have plenty of energy and discipline and would like to develop the range of your dance skills, then the GCSE course is ideal for you.

Previous dance experience is necessary.

Students must also attend a regular weekly “technique” class.

The course is spread over 1 year and is available for students who are 13 years+. There will be a minimum requirement of 6 students for the course to run. Students do not have to currently attend classes at the Cremona School of Dance, so if you know anyone who might be interested please ask them to get in touch with Diana Cremona

Latest Results

The School entered a group of 9 GCSE Dance students in May 2012 achieving excellent results:

Claire Baker – A

Jemima Betts – B

Indiana Carroll – A

Jemma Findlay – A

Grace Fletcher – B

Laura Grover – A

Ella Jackson – C

Cecily Popplewell – A

Sophie Whitmore – D

The course was taught during 2 hour sessions every Sunday from July 2011 May 2012 - over less than a year. This is an incredible achievement. The average age of the students was 14/15yrs. Kat Dale who delivered the course is an experienced dance teacher and examiner, also an accomplished dancer and choreographer. In view of the huge success this year, our next GCSE Dance session will begin during the summer of 2013.

Course Includes

Unit 1 - 20% - Critical Appreciation of Dance:

1 Hour Written Paper

Unit 2 - 20% - Set Dance:

A performance by the student of a set dance choreographed by the Board.

Unit 3 - 20% - Performance in a Group/Duo Dance

Unit 4 - 40% - Choreography